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Mrs. Bethune helped me out with a property rental that she managed. During the real-estate crash, she went the extra yard to not only help me with the house she managed but also personally. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking property, or selling their property. – Dag Gadder

Great property manager and have been dealing with her for 3 years.  There has been no problem and she always keeps all the units filled.  Highly recommend. -- Patel.

Sandy Bethune is one of the most competent people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. She is up to date; returns phone calls promptly she is one the best business people I’ve ever come in contact with.   Can’t say enough about her, she is great!   - David Vaughn 

Sandy Bethune has managed our property at the LPGA International since 1999.  From the beginning  Sandy has found quality tenants, looked after the property, and made sure the rent was paid on timely basis.  If a repair is needed, she has the contractors to do it at a fair price.  We trust her judgement 100%.

If we lost a tenant, Sandy had a replacement right away so we have rarely experienced any gap in rent payments.   Because we live out of state, it gives us true piece of ind knowing that Sandy is there looking after our property   We could never have done it without her.  - Michaelyn & Dewey Cannella 

Never had a problem, never need to see her, and happy with the service. -  M. B. 

I have been a fan since first meeting Mrs. Bethune whom was the listing agent of a property we bought. During that transaction, I noticed how both professional and kind she was. She even wentout of her way to arrange the location of closing that was convenient to us. Since that date, nearly 8-9 years ago, she has been our go to person for anything regarding real-estate. Every person we’ve ever referred to her has actually thanked us! She has negated me from bad investments at personal cost to herself. Mrs. Bethune has been a wise council in many areas of real-estate. – Brandon L. Williams

As a first time home buyer and new to this country, Mrs. Bethune hand walked me through the entire process.  It was all so very unfamiliar and confusing for us and with out her we wouldn't have made it.  If it wasn't for her effort and extra time she gave us, we would not of been able to get the home.  She worked so hard for us every step of the way.  She even gave us a house warming gift.   Me and my family love Mrs. Bethune like family. -  Raphael Ajede